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The Kila Kona Masjid, Purana Qila, Delhi by Robert Smith


Inside the Main Entrance of the Purana Qila, Delhi by Robert Smith


Lord Northwick's Picture Gallery at Thirlestaine House by Robert Huskisson


John Gubbins Newton and His Sister, Mary Newton by Robert Burnard


The Pool of Bethesda by Robert Bateman


Girl Feeding Pigs by Richard Westall


Alcibiades and Timon by Richard Westall


King Lear Casting Out His Daughter Cordelia by Richard Earlom


Portrait of Helena Fourment, with a Young Page Behind Her by Richard Earlom


Landscape with Figures by Richard Earlom


Christ Summoning Peter and Andrew by Richard Earlom


Girl and Pigs by Richard Earlom


Life School at the Royal Academy by Richard Earlom


Life School at the Royal Academy by Richard Earlom


Labourers by Richard Earlom


Portrait of a Woman as Diana, 1752 by Jean-Marc Nattier


Portrait of a Woman by Jean-Marc Nattier


Madame Bergeret de Frouville as Diana by Jean-Marc Nattier


Madame Marsollier and Her Daughter by Jean-Marc Nattier


Portrait of Madame Marie-Henriette Berthelot de Pleneuf by Jean-Marc Nattier


Portrait of Constance-Gabrielle-Magdeleine Bonnier de la Mosson as Diana by Jean-Marc Nattier


Portrait of a Woman, Called the Marquise Perrin de Cypierre by Jean-Marc Nattier


Marie Therese Etiennette Bourgoin by Henri-Francois Riesener


Portrait of a Mother with her Daughter by Henri-Francois Riesener


Trees Beside a Pond by Leon Riesener


The Organ Rehearsal by Henry Lerolle


Mademoiselle Isabelle Lemonnier by Edouard Manet


The Dead Christ with Angels by Edouard Manet


George Moore by Edouard Manet


The Brioche by Edouard Manet


Covent Garden by Pieter Angillis


Ostrich and Turkeys in a Garden with Antique Ruins by Pieter Casteels


Parrots and Monkeys at a Garden Fountain by Pieter Casteels


Rooster Attacks a Peacock by Pieter Casteels


Ducks and Herons at a Bird Pond by Pieter Casteels


Three Swans and other Birds at a Pond by Pieter Casteels


A Family of Chickens Fending off a Spaniel by Pieter Casteels


Domestic Cock, Hens, and Chicks in a Park by Peter Casteels


A Lord Mayor of London by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


The Meeting of Dido and Aeneas by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


The Pybus Family by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


Tobias Smollet by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


Thomas Sense Browne by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


James Grant of Grant, John Mytton, the Hon. Thomas Robinson, and Thomas Wynne by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


Cristiano Giuseppe Lidarti and Giovanni Battista Tempesti by Nathaniel Dance-Holland


Whitehaven, Cumbria, Showing Flatt Hall by Matthias Read


Dan Cunningham by Mason Chamberlin


Head of a Grey Arabian Horse by Martin Theodore Ward