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A landscape with a view of Himmelbjerget by Godfred Christensen


Girl with Watering Can by Evariste Carpentier


The Orchard in the Spring by Emile Claus


Zomer by Emile Claus


Summer Evening by Emile Claus


The Market for the Theater in Antwerp by Emile Claus


The Beet Harvest by Emile Claus


The Kingfishers by Emile Claus


Ampelio, Old Fisherman of Bordighera by Emile Claus


A Young Woman at Her Toilet with a Maid by Gerard ter Borch


The Van Moerkerken Family by Gerard ter Borch


A Woman Playing the Theorbo-Lute and a Cavalier by Gerard ter Borch


Margaretha van Haexbergen by Gerard ter Borch


Burgomaster Jan van Duren by Gerard ter Borch


Curiosity by Gerard ter Borch


Portrait of an Old Woman Reading by Gerrit Dou


The Quack by Gerrit Dou


Self-Portrait by Gerrit Dou


Herring Seller with Boy by Gerrit Dou


Woman Eating Porridge by Gerrit Dou


Self-Portrait by Gerrit Dou


Maid at the Window by Gerrit Dou


A Young Woman at her Toilet by Gerrit Dou


Man Reading Letter to a Woman by Pieter de Hooch


A Woman with a Pair of Scales by Pieter de Hooch


Woman Hands Over Money to Her Servant by Pieter de Hooch


Woman Nursing a Child by Pieter de Hooch


A Couple Playing Cards, with a Serving Woman by Pieter de Hooch


Woman with a Water Pitcher, and a Man by a Bed by Pieter de Hooch


Interior with a Young Couple by Pieter de Hooch


Paying the Hostess by Pieter de Hooch


The Visit by Pieter de Hooch


Leisure Time in an Elegant Setting by Pieter de Hooch


Woman and Child with Serving Maid by Pieter de Hooch


Courtyard in Delft at Evening by Pieter de Hooch


A Woman Preparing Bread and Butter for a Boy by Pieter de Hooch


White Chateau, Lievin by Gyrth Russell


Vimy Ridge from Souchez by Gyrth Russell


Houses In The Place Hotel De Ville, Arras by Gyrth Russell


Ablain - Saint - Nazaire by Gyrth Russell


Portrait of Madam Verdier by Paul Peel


The Young Biologist by Paul Peel


The Tired Model by Paul Peel


The Little Shepherdess by Paul Peel


The Bubble Boy by Paul Peel


Adoration by Paul Peel


Interesting Story by Laura Muntz Lyall


Gibraltar by James Wilson Morrice