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Portrait of Augustus III of Poland by Louis de Silvestre


Head of a Bearded Man by Lorenzo Lotto


Brother Gregorio Belo of Vicenza by Lorenzo Lotto


Venus and Cupid by Lorenzo Lotto


The Physician Giovanni Agostino della Torre and his Son, Niccolo by Lorenzo Lotto


Portrait of a Woman Inspired by Lucretia by Lorenzo Lotto


Andrea Odoni by Lorenzo Lotto


Saint Jerome Penitent by Lorenzo Lotto


The Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Nicholas of Tolentino by Lorenzo Lotto


Portrait of Giovanni della Volta with his Wife and Children by Lorenzo Lotto


Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine and Thomas by Lorenzo Lotto


Allegory of Virtue and Vice by Lorenzo Lotto


Madonna and Child with Two Donors by Lorenzo Lotto


Maria Isabel of Braganza by Vicente Lopez Portana


Woman's Head by Vicente Lopez Portana


Saint Sebastian Tended by Saint Irene by Vicente Lopez Portana


The Marquess of Remisa by Vicente Lopez Portana


Portrait of the Marquis of Labrador by Vicente Lopez Portana


Pasqual Pere Moles by Vicente Lopez Portana


Juan Gutierrez de Leon, Leon The Priest by Vicente Lopez Portana


Luisa Carlota de Borbon-Dos Sicilias by Vicente Lopez Portana


Night Landscape with Ruined Monastery by Lluis Rigalt


Night Landscape with Gothic Ruins by Lluis Rigalt


Landscape with Ruins by Lluis Rigalt


Landscape by Lluis Rigalt


View near Walton on Naze by Lionel Constable


Study of Ash Trees by Lionel Constable


Study of an Ash Tree by Lionel Constable


Sky Study by Lionel Constable


Mountain Landscape, possibly in the Lake District by Lionel Constable


Landscape with Wheatfield by Lionel Constable


Landscape at Hampstead, with Harrow in the Distance by Lionel Constable


Landscape, 1849-1855 by Lionel Constable


Landscape by Lionel Constable


Cloud Study by Lionel Constable


A Rainbow - View of the Stour by Lionel Constable


The Ropewalk in Edam by Max Liebermann


They Don't Fall Off Their Donkey by Leonardo Alenza


They are Polishing Him Up by Leonardo Alenza


Flying and Other Excesses by Leonardo Alenza


Having a Good Time by Leonardo Alenza


His Excellency is Not at Home by Leonardo Alenza


They'll Get Their Desserts by Leonardo Alenza


She Doesn't Recognize Herself by Leonardo Alenza


They Spin Well by Leonardo Alenza


Dust to Dust by Leonardo Alenza


He Has Been Decorated by Leonardo Alenza


He Looks and Doesn't Recognize Himself by Leonardo Alenza