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The Old Shoe Maker, Cairo by Raphael von Ambros


Requiescat by Raphael von Ambros


Glow of Gold, Gleam of Pearl by William McGregor Paxton


Rose and Blue by William McGregor Paxton


Venice by William McGregor Paxton


The Blue Jar by William McGregor Paxton


The Green Dress by William McGregor Paxton


Tea Leaves by William McGregor Paxton


Japanese Emploring A Deity by Jean-Leon Gerome


Painting Breathes Life into Sculpture by Jean-Leon Gerome


Bathsheba by Jean-Leon Gerome


Young Greeks Attending a Cock Fight by Jean-Leon Gerome


The Tulip Folly by Jean-Leon Gerome


The Carpet Merchant by Jean-Leon Gerome


Portrait of an Egyptian Fellah by Jean-Leon Gerome


The Wailing Wall by Jean-Leon Gerome


The Guard by Jean-Leon Gerome


Tiger and Cubs by Jean-Leon Gerome


Cafe House, Cairo by Jean-Leon Gerome


A Muslim Preparing for Prayer by Jean-Leon Gerome


Arnaut Officer in Prayer by Jean-Leon Gerome


Julius Caesar by Jean-Leon Gerome


Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean-Leon Gerome


Bashi-Bazouk by Jean-Leon Gerome


Prayer in the Mosque by Jean-Leon Gerome


Italian Woman with Child at Window by Karl Bryullov


Italian Woman Warming Her Hands by Karl Bryullov


Italian Woman in Yellow Shawl by Karl Bryullov


The Robber by Karl Bryullov


Bathsheba by Karl Bryullov


Portrait of the Shishmareva Sisters by Karl Bryullov


The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Bryullov


Self-portrait of the artist in the guise of a mocker by Joseph Ducreux


Self-Portrait, Yawning by Joseph Ducreux


A Busy Street in Tangiers by Themistocles von Eckenbrecher


Soldiers in Africa by Themistokles von Eckenbrecher


Fishing boats on the beach by Eugen Ducker


A Southern Mountainous Landscape by Heinrich Dreber


Forest view in the Menterschweige district near Munich by Heinrich Dreber


Southern landscape with a man and a snake by Heinrich Dreber


Balholm on the Essefjord by Louis Douzette


Lion Bridge in the Tiergarten by Louis Douzette


Winter Pleasure by Anton Doll


Winter Fun by Anton Doll


Winter pleasure by Anton Doll


Wintervergnugen by Anton Doll


Wintery River Landscape by Anton Doll


Wintry Village View by Anton Doll