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There Was No Business by Leonardo Alenza


Long Live the Chains by Leonardo Alenza


It's Raining Elves by Leonardo Alenza


Shackled to His Treasure by Leonardo Alenza


They Strut About Elegantly by Leonardo Alenza


Lost Labor by Leonardo Alenza


The Last Song by Leonardo Alenza


They Certainly Can Use It by Leonardo Alenza


At Last She Sees Clearly by Leonardo Alenza


He Leaves Them in Good Shape by Leonardo Alenza


Ex Cathedra by Leonardo Alenza


Already They Are Going by Leonardo Alenza


He Will Not Laugh by Leonardo Alenza


Birds of a Feather by Leonardo Alenza


A Funeral with Honors by Leonardo Alenza


The Pampered Idiot by Leonardo Alenza


The Notaries Flew of With The Prey by Leonardo Alenza


Satire of Romantic Suicide by Leonardo Alenza


Great God by Leonardo Alenza


The Southeast Prospect of Hampton Court, Herefordshire by Leonard Knyff


Black Game, Rabbits, and Swallows in a Park by Leonard Knyff


Hirtenknabe by Franz von Lenbach


Family von Lenbach by Franz von Lenbach


The Roping by William Robinson Leigh


Sophie Hunter Colston by William Robinson Leigh


Boys Fishing by Thomas Le Clear


Interior with Portraits by Thomas Le Clear


Apotheosis of Luis XIV by Charles Le Brun


Evening - a seated satyr clasps his child by Charles Le Brun


Everhard Jabach and His Family by Charles Le Brun


The Sacrifice of Polyxena by Charles Le Brun


The Martyrdom of St. Andrew by Charles Le Brun


A Summer's Day at Skagen Sonderstrand, Denmark by Laurits Tuxen


Beach scene from Bretagne. A young fisherwoman is looking at the sea. by Laurits Tuxen


The North Sea in Stormy Weather. After Sunset. Hojen by Laurits Tuxen


Self-portrait by Laurits Tuxen


Portrait of Queen Victoria by Laurits Tuxen


The Susaa river at Naestved, Denmark by Laurits Andersen Ring


Autumn Weather. A Man with a Wheelbarrow on a Path by Laurits Andersen Ring


View from Spodsbjerg over the Fjord by Laurits Andersen Ring


The River and the Harbour at Frederiksvaerk by Laurits Andersen Ring


A Stream at Springtime by Laurits Andersen Ring


After Sunset by Laurits Andersen Ring


Dad Comes Home by Laurits Andersen Ring


The Road Through the Village of Ring by Laurits Andersen Ring


Summer. Mrs. Johanne Wilde Picks Flowers by Laurits Andersen Ring


A Boy and a Girl Eating Supper by Laurits Andersen Ring


Spring Landscape with Light Green Fields by Laurits Andersen Ring