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Scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania and Bottom by Edwin Landseer


Brother Philippe's Geese by Nicolas Lancret


The Servant Justified by Nicolas Lancret


Pastorale Dans by Nicolas Lancret


Dance Before a Fountain by Nicolas Lancret


Portrait of the Actor Grandval by Nicolas Lancret


Carmen Moreno, Marchioness of the Guadalquivir Marshes by Francisco Lacoma y Fontanet


Still Life, 1808 by Francisco Lacoma y Fontanet


Still Life by Francisco Lacoma y Fontanet


Artillery by Roger de La Fresnaye


Georges de Mire by Roger de la Fresnaye


Landscape with a Village, The Hills Beyond Meulan by Roger de La Fresnaye


The Canal, Brittany Landscape by Roger de La Fresnaye


The Fourteenth of July by Roger de La Fresnaye


Yellow-leafed Poplars by Kuroda Seiki


Woman in Red Clothing by Kuroda Seiki


Mount Fuji by Kuroda Seiki


Lakeside by Kuroda Seiki


Maiko by Kuroda Seiki


Kitchen by Kuroda Seiki


Field Poppies by Kuroda Seiki


Dead Leaves by Kuroda Seiki


At Kamakura by Kuroda Seiki


Nude by Kuroda Seiki


Portrait of Terajima Munenori by Kuroda Seiki


Girl of Brehat by Kuroda Seiki


Portrait of a Man by Ivan Kramskoy


Portrait of Pavel Tretyakov by Ivan Kramskoy


Mina Moiseyev by Ivan Kramskoy


Christ in the Wilderness by Ivan Kramskoy


Tree Lined Road in Bruntal by Carl Moll


Stroll in the Gardens of the Votivkirche, Vienna by Carl Moll


Alley near Freudenthal Chateau by Carl Moll


Snowy Villa in Dobling by Carl Moll


Church of St. Michael in Heiligenstadt by Carl Moll


Wotan and Brunhilde by Koloman Moser


Venus in the Grotto by Koloman Moser


The Wayfarer by Koloman Moser


Marigolds by Koloman Moser


Cloud Study by Knud Baade


Cloud Study by Knud Baade


Scene from the Academy in Copenhagen by Knud Baade


Portrait of a Woman, Called Maria Taylor Byrd by Godfrey Kneller


Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans by Godfrey Kneller


New Dreams of Happiness by Max Klinger


Intermezzo by Max Klinger


Death by Max Klinger


Shame by Max Klinger