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Wooded River Landscape by Peder Monsted


Forest Landscape by Peder Monsted


Ponte-Campovasto by Peder Monsted


Girl's knitting in the doorway by Peder Monsted


Heather-covered hills by the lakes near Silkeborgh by Peder Monsted


Laundry day by Peder Monsted


Lake Geneva by Peder Monsted


Coastal View by Peder Monsted


Spring day at Saeby by Peder Monsted


A View of Borreso from Himmelbjerget, Denmark by Peder Monsted


A Stream through the Valley, Deer in the Distance by Peder Monsted


A forest near Ilsenburg in the Harz, Germany by Peder Monsted


Desert Encampment by Peder Monsted


Charlottendun Forest by Peder Monsted


Children Feeding Ducks at Sunrise by Peder Monsted


A Woodland Stream by Peder Monsted


A Cottage Garden with Chickens by Peder Monsted


Autumn in the Birchwood by Peder Monsted


Country kitchen with a small child in walking chair by Georg Emil Libert


View towards Forum Romanum from the Colosseum by Thorald Laessoe


Gartenpromenande by Thorald Laessoe


View of Marina Piccola, Capri, Morning Light by Thorald Laessoe


View of Marina Piccola, Capri, Afternoon Light by Thorald Laessoe


The Temple of Venus and Roma, The Roman Forum, Rome by Thorald Laessoe


Ships on a Fjord by Thorald Laessoe


A Sunny Street at Tivoli by Thorald Laessoe


View of the fishing village Sletten by Christian Kiaerskou


The Woods by Hellebaek by Christian Kiaerskou


Alpine Landscape with a River and Tall Mountains by Christian Kiaerskou


Summer day at the sea by Ludvig Kabell


View of the Alps by Henrik Gamst Jespersen


Quiet day at the northern part of Lake Esrum by Vilhelm Groth


Summer day at a forest road by Vilhelm Groth


From the Tuileries Garden in Paris by Albert Gottschalk


An Old Garden Gate, Kogegaard by Albert Gottschalk


View over Nice, France by Janus la Cour


The Path by Janus la Cour


View of Lake Julso, Denmark by Janus la Cour


A View towards Castel Gandolfo, Italy by Janus la Cour


Thor's Mill by Janus la Cour


A Showery Landscape by Janus la Cour


Landscape at Nejsum in Vendsyssel by Janus la Cour


On the Edge of an Oak Forest, an Early Spring Morning by Janus la Cour


The Riverbed at Bordighera by Janus la Cour


Ellebuske ved Almind So by Janus la Cour


A Study of a Waterfall in Sweden by Janus la Cour


A Fountain at the Villa d'Este in Tivoli by Janus la Cour


The Gardens of the Villa d'Este, Tivoli by Janus la Cour