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Self-portrait by Ramon Marti Alsina


Ruins of the Palace by Ramon Marti Alsina


Ruins of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Ramon Marti Alsina


El Bornet by Ramon Marti Alsina


Born Vell by Ramon Marti Alsina


Antoinette by Ramon Marti Alsina


Victory - a naked youth standing facing left by Maria Fortuny


A Moroccan family in front of an arch, father standing, by Maria Fortuny


Camels Reposing, Tangiers by Maria Fortuny


Masquerade by Maria Fortuny


Morrocans by Maria Fortuny


The Bull-Fighter's Salute by Maria Fortuny


A Moroccan Woman in Traditional Dress by Maria Fortuny


The Spanish Wedding by Maria Fortuny


The Slaying of the Abencerrajes by Maria Fortuny


The Print Collector by Maria Fortuny


The Odalisque by Maria Fortuny


The Botanist by Maria Fortuny


The Battle of Tetouan by Maria Fortuny


Night Watch by Maria Fortuny


Moroccan Horseshoer by Maria Fortuny


Miss Del Castillo on her Deathbed by Maria Fortuny


Il Contino by Maria Fortuny


Idyll by Maria Fortuny


Dead Kabyle by Maria Fortuny


Calabrian by Maria Fortuny


Bacchanal with Wine Vat by Andrea Mantegna


The Holy Family with Saint Mary Magdalen by Andrea Mantegna


The Adoration of the Shepherds by Andrea Mantegna


Portrait of a Man by Andrea Mantegna


Christ as the Suffering Redeemer by Andrea Mantegna


The Battle of the Sea Gods by Andrea Mantegna


St. Sebastian by Andrea Mantegna


Cardinal Lodovico Trevisano by Andrea Mantegna


Godfrey of Bouillon at Mount Sinai by Federico de Madrazo


Godfrey of Bouillon proclaimed King of Jerusalem by Federico de Madrazo


Isabel II de Espana by Federico de Madrazo


Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda by Federico de Madrazo


Sanchez the Sailor by Federico de Madrazo


Isabella II by Federico de Madrazo


The Port of London by Thomas Luny


An Indiaman and a Two Decker Hove to, Said to be Thomas Dumar by Thomas Luny


A Packet Boat Under Sail in a Breeze off the South Foreland by Thomas Luny


St Dominic in Penitence by Luis Tristan


Christ Crucified by Luis Tristan


The Bread and Egg Watch by Luis Tristan


Basket of Wild Strawberries in a Landscape by Luis Melendez


The Afternoon Meal by Luis Melendez